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Specialist in the export of european caravans to Australia and New Zealand

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Having spent a great deal of time touring Australia, we couldn't believe the price and condition of caravans for sale and in addition the noticeable lack of family vans available.

We have been involved with import and export of goods from the UK since 1992 and decided that we could offer a service of reasonably priced caravans to the Australian market.

We have conducted a lot of research and toured numerous caravan sales throughout Australia, talking to Caravan Salesman and discussing the myths associated with European Caravans in terms of strength and build quality.

The bitumen roads and caravan sites in Australia are far better than what we experience in the UK and without doubt the European Caravan would be equal in strength to any Australian made, road-going caravan. Because the Euro vans are not so heavy they don't need to be so over engineered to withstand even the unsealed roads within the Australian outback.

Our aim is to provide an efficient and smooth service to all our customers and use the readily available technology to be able talk direct to them via Facebook, Skype or FaceTime.

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